The Hart Team Concept


People have been asking me how the Hart Team concept started. It started when my mentor Dennis Raden made a simple but impactful statement to me. As a young 22 year old Insurance broker and I was brought under his wing to learn from him. After a couple of months we sat down and he said “You are not just a broker. You are the leader of your team.” I didn’t understand of course so he went on. “As a broker you not only have a fiduciary responsibility, you also have a moral responsibility to do your best from start to finish for your clients, family, friends and yourself.” I realized over a short time that he wasn’t just talking about selling insurance. He was talking to me about everyday life and wanted to present it in a way that I understood. I realized that I needed to figure out what was important to me and the people I work for and care about. I took this to heart and over the years I focused on my five core beliefs and fine-tuned the “Hart Team” concept. Regardless if insurance, printing or real estate, the concept has remained the same for the last 20 years.  

Here is an example of how the Hart Team concept works. You hired or referred someone you know to me to handle a transaction for the purchase or sale of a home. The first thing I do through discussion is figure out what your goal is at the end of the transaction. My belief is that if we focus on your end goal 1st. We can set the best strategy from the start so that we achieve your goal. I like to gather all of the names and contact information for the people that will be a part of this transaction. This could include buyer, seller, brokers, lender, title officer, inspector, appraiser and more. I wrap all of these contacts under the Hart Team concept and make it clear that I want to be informed each step of the way. Working together to achieve the highest level of professionalism, speed, positivity and respect for all parties involved.

The results have been the same over the years. The transactions I handle under this concept have a very high rate of success! When there is an issue that brings stress or even anger into the transaction, and we all know this can happen, this is when the concept works best. The open and honest dialogue up front keep things calm and manageable. In the end, my clients have a very positive experience with the purchase or sale of their home and their interest, goals and concerns have been achieved. 

If this concept sounds right and you would like to talk more. It would be my honor to do so. I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Remember I always have time for you or your referral.



Paul D. Hart Jr